Friday, August 3, 2007

The Brew Crew & The Cubs....

Two out of three from the Brewers in Milwaukee...That's a good thing, though I can't help but think that if Randolph had left Heilman in on Tuesday night, Glavine might have had win number 300, and this may have been a sweep, but that's alright. We got a game back on the Braves last night(thanks, Houston) so things are okay.

Though I will admit, I fell into some quick gloom and doom after the start of the game on Wednesday. After Perez kept giving back the lead, I was sure that the season was over(yeah, I'm a bit dramatic), but Ollie settled down nicely and the Met pulled out the win. And yesterday was even nicer. I didn't even know who Brian Lawrence WAS until the game started. And while he won't make me forget Tom Seaver(or Bobby Jones, for that matter) he kept us in the game long enough. And the bullpen seems to be agreeing with Sosa so far.

Now the Cubs. Today will be tough, with Zambrano on the mound against El Duque..But maybe he's due for a bad outing. Let's hope so. Then we have Maine on Saturday against Ted Lily and Mr. 300 Tom Glavine against Marquis on Sunday night. let's hope the Mets are getting hot, and the Cubs are due to get cold.


a.k.a. Zooomabooma said...

Wild game against the Astros. I've not yet shelled out $ to be able to watch or listen to Mets games so I watch the Braves often in hopes they lose, no, in hopes they get their ass kicked. I hate to praise them but they're good. They already had what it takes to be putting up a fight for the last two months without slacking. A little worried you've gotta be especially now with Teixeira. Mets got Castillo for the push? They shoulda gotten a solid starter. They can get to the playoffs just fine but come October, that'll make a difference... unless everyone's hot.

Gonna be a fun three days now against the Cubbies. (I get to see all three games! In ten minutes on WGN, tomorrow on Fox, Sunday night on ESPN!!) I like to see the Cubs win but it's time for them to be swept! Hopefully Milwaukee will get swept too but the Central means nothing... hopefully Atlanta gets swept!!!! (And I guess can't forget about Philly but Philly I don't have a hatred for and really they don't scare me as much as Atlanta.)

Catchya later!

Paticus said...

aka- yeah, a pitcher would have been nice, but there really was nothing out there, and the Braves needed a starter too, and did not get one either.
The Mets are definitely starting to look better after the All Star break, but i would like them to win 5 or 6 in a row. That would be nice.