Monday, June 29, 2009

The Highs and Lows....

Take three out of four from the Cards...And then don't show up for the Yankees. It's unbelievably frustrating.

I don't know that a trade would help right now. i think there is just too much wrong with them.


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Zoooma!! said...

It's amazing that when they're playing "well" that means they'll go 5-5 and then 6-4 then 5-5 and 6-4 again... and I'm sorry but winning the division or getting the wildcard with 85 wins is pretty pathetic. A Grand Total of 90 wins ain't much better. 90-72? We already know they need a 15 Game lead going into September or else they're doomed. Man, things don't look good. Still.... Ya Gotta Believe!